link to CAMERA SHOTS 2
Videotape these
in this order:
1. Wide Shot
2. Medium Shot
3. Close Up
4. Point of View Shot
5. Two-Shot
6. Over the Shoulder
7. High Angle
8. Low Angle
9. Pan
10. Tracking
11. Tilt

WIDE SHOTS (also Establishing Shots)

left: Once Upon a Time in America; above: Field of Dreams

above: Last Picture Show; right: Cool Hand Luke

above: sometimes a medium shot can be an establishing shot

left: Maltese Falcon; above: The Graduate

some of these medium shots can also be called 2-shots

left: JFK; above: The Godfather

left: Clockwork Orange; above: The Godfather

left: Apocalypse Now

below: Vertigo
directed by Alfred Hitchcock
yes, it is possible to have two people in a close up. MORE FROM HITCHCOCK