• Diverse market
  • Fastest communications in the other world
  • Easy to use

-Alexander Graham Bell

In the old days people did not have telephones which forced them to rely on different forms of communication, such as as pigeons, telegraphs, and letters.  All of these forms of communicating with people are reliable, but they lack the intimacy that is available from the telephone.  Using the telephone people can communicate with other people in places far away using their own voices.  The telephone's market is diverse many people would have a need for it.  People in the military could use it to communicate faster to different places on the battlefield.  Factory owners could use it to communicate with their workers and average every day people could use it to talk to their friends.

The telephone is very reliable, there is always a risk when sending letters that the wrong person would receive the message or an impostor wrote the letter.  However, with the telephone people hear the voice of the person they are talking to, which proves their identity.  The telephone is also very safe and efficient.  Traveling long distances to visit people can be very risky and expensive.  Sending messages through letters could be too slow and sometimes it is necessary to tell someone across the world something important immediately.  This is where the telephone surpasses all other forms of communication. (top) Bell at the opening of the phone.