The Next Generation Game Console
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We chose the persona of a Game Wiz and the persona of a Teenager
We chose them because those are the two persona that appeals most to the product
Without those personas our product would most likely be useless or another type of market would fill in the space

Game Wiz

Obsessed with games
Buy games when it comes out or tries to get it sooner
Will kill for the next big game
Know every cheats &counter attack
Waste his/her income on games
Eat, sleep and breathes games
Have a lot of times on their hands
Works for Geek Squad
Don’t really have friends


Buys games to be cool
Buy games to have fun
Procrastinates by playing games
Waste their free times on playing games
Hangs out with a bunch of friends that plays video games
Wastes their allowance on games

- There are 300 millions people living in the U.S.A. Out of the 300 millions people, there are only 40% of them play a lot of games so, it means that 120 millions play games.

- Our console price is $1,000 and out of the 120 millions people, only 50% of them could afford the console, which means that 60 millions people in the U.S.A buy our console each year.


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