In September 25, 2007, the school started to replace the courtyard. During the renovation of the courtyard, workers found a long lost time capsule that was buried in 1982. The capsule was supposedly lost in 1997 when students forgot the location. The items found in it were a yearbook, a Frisbee, a Rubik’s Cube and a mighty lions T-shirt. However, being in the ground for so long led to water flowing into the capsule and damaging some of the contents.

At the fall of 2009 the football field, called George White, was renovated and was replaced with AstroTurf. The field was finished near the end of fall. This was something that was discussed but postponed due to the cost of the remodeling. However, the school’s staff believed that the football team should get a new field because of the successes they had. The success included Galileo’s past history when the football team went undefeated in 1988, 1990, and in 2002.

Galileo's outside is painted beige and dark gold. The building design is based on an old Italian style because of the large population of northern Italians in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood.