In 2000, voters approved to the Library Construction Project to repair and renovate older libraries. The Merced Branch was one of the libraries picked to participate in this project. In 2009, the library closed for renovation. Two Years and 5.4 Million dollars after the Merced Branch Library closed, it reopened to the public in May of 2011. The building was able to maintain most of its original look including the slanted roof, the use of the courtyard, and the classic fireplace.

Because of the remodeling, the library has acquired a more modern look to replace the original 50s design. To begin, part of the front yard to the library was replaced with the expansion of the building and the entrance. The front desk also got replaced with a more modern appeal.

Many of the bookshelves have been replaced with newer wooden ones. Even the courtyard has been renovated with the old concrete slabs removed and replaced with brick tiles and wooden benches. This would appeal to anyone who would enjoy the peace of nature while reading a good book.

The Children’s Corner has also been cleaned up. There are even new wall designs, lighting, flooring, and color scheme to tie everything together. The only part that remains fairly untouched is the fireplace which will remain a memory of the history the building has gone through.