“This is one of those projects that just speak to me. Throughout the park is poetry cast into concrete benches and carved into stones. The artist, Seyed Alavi, titled this piece Speaking Stones. It was to be a poetry garden with metaphors for health, contentment and community. The various concrete benches read from left to right, ‘They stained my fingers at a touch. They were crimson yesterday on the branch. So fresh that this morning I searched for them in vain. For they had already vanished and fell to the bottom of the pool.’” –La Principessa Serrante

“LOVE IT. Good memories. Lots of stuff to do. From basketball to ping pong to volleyball to board games. They also have a dance room where you can rehearse. The whole place is pretty neat and pretty new. I especially love it in the Spring & Summer!” –Elaine H.

“I went to this park almost everyday during summer. I took the bus with my neighborhood friends to this recreation center. We went there to play basketball and badminton in the gym. Richmond Rec is a friendly and safe environment. Everyone is well respected, whether it is Chinese people playing Ping-Pong, or African Americans playing basketball. I love this place, and I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys playing indoor sports and wants to meet new people.” – Kevin Loi

Kids playing in the gym (top), people playing Ping-Pong (middle) and the rock that contains carvings of a poem (bottom) in the Richmond Rec Center