The Richmond Recreation Center was built in San Francisco in 2000. Richmond Rec Center was designed and constructed under the direction of the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Architecture and Bureau of Construction Management. The architects were Dahanukar Brandes Architects and Marquis Associates. This recreation center was built in honor of San Francisco Mayor Willie L Brown Jr.

The Richmond Recreation Center is located at 251 18th Avenue between California and Clement Streets, San Francisco, CA 94121. The recreation center is a place for indoor sports. There is a parking lot outside of the building. Outside the entrance there are a few benches and rocks with simple yet sensational quotes carved on them. Carved from left to right on all the benches are a poem written by the artist Seyed Alavi from San Jose State.

Inside the recreation center, there is a basketball gym, two dance studios and an open area used for ping-pong. The basketball gym is not only used for basketball, but for volleyball and badminton as well. The dance studios are used for various activities, such as karate performances, orchestra performances, as well as dance performances and classes.

Back (top photo) and front (bottom photo) of Richmond Recreation Center