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Now the Sutro Baths are known as the Sutro Baths Ruins and is near the fairly new Lands End Lookout. It can be visited by the public but, because of the safety hazard, visitors are cautioned to be careful when near and around the ruins. It overlooks a beautiful ocean view and is close to the Cliff House, a well-known seafood restaurant, as well as Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park. With a short walk, you can enter the park or go to the nearby Safeway. There are many different things you can do both around and in the Sutro Baths.

The ruins of the Sutro Baths are definitely worth a visit with family, friends, or your significant other. The small tunnel that goes into a cavern is definitely a cool place as you can see the waves hitting the rocks and see where the pumps were located. These rocks are part of the cliff face that once sheltered the pumps and are taped off because of the dangers of people falling in. There is even, at low tide, a small piece of beach where you can access by walking across the wrecked wall.


The harsh ocean waves are slowly beating away at this landmark and in the future the Sutro Baths may be nothing but a dying memory in the minds of San Franciscans. So go visit now before the ruins are washed away by the consuming ocean and lost to the world forever.